Appraisals, Cleaning, & More

Appraisals & Valuations

Insurance companies are getting pickier about appraisals these days, often requiring piano owners to hire certified antique or estate appraisers in order to cover their instruments. I have successfully worked with insurance companies and have the necessary credentials and documentation to provide you and the company with accurate and fair estimates based on the current market and the condition of the piano. And I charge much less than the certified guys.

Of course, if you’re buying or selling, the knowledge I provide can help you get the best deal for your personal transactions as well.

Regulation and Repairs

Of course pianos need to be tuned, but they also need to be regulated in order to play well. This involves careful calibration of all the moving parts in the piano action. I’ve been tested in this art as part of my RPT certification, and I can tell you if your piano could benefit from this service and how much it would cost.

Whether a key sticks or a note won’t play or a pedal squeaks, repairs can often frustrate the fun out of piano playing. Surprisingly, they usually don’t cost much, and they often require the removal of a coin dropped down into the keys. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the little things.

Cleaning & Detailing

I love seeing the lid up on a grand piano, showing off its majesty. But embarrassing dust, dirt, and spills can diminish a piano’s beauty, not to mention prevent action parts from moving freely. I offer reasonably priced, detailed cleaning and oiling of the soundboard under the strings, Q-tip shining around the tuning pin areas, and general dusting of unsightly and hard-to-reach areas so you can proudly show off this musical member of your family.

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