About the Tuner

Contact Information

Cell: 719-460-1361     Email: tuningsbydave@hotmail.com

Service Area

I work mainly in Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas. But I will travel to other areas for special circumstances.


My prices are no higher than other RPT-certified tuners in town, and I try to help folks any way I can. More details are available under “Tuning Rates.”


RPT—Tested and certified as Registered Piano Technician. The Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) is our national regulating organization dedicated to advancing skills and abilities of piano tuners. The PTG has set up a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that tuners can properly tune, regulate, and repair. The testing is so detailed that the PTG allows its testees 4 years to complete it. Currently, fewer than 3,000 tuners have successfully passed the exams worldwide.

PTG CONTINUING EDUCATION—As a current participating member of the Piano Technicians Guild, I upgrade my knowledge and skills at regular educational meetings and conferences. National, regional, and local seminars disseminate the latest information about tuning, keybalancing, regulation, and repairs. These opportunities keep the occupation fresh and allow me to stay in the loop.

HUMIDIFIERS—Tested and certified as an Expert Field Installer by the Dampp-Chaser Corporation. Only a few hundred tuners have passed the testing procedures nationwide, and I have successfully installed over 100 systems.

EXPERIENCE—I believe that working on pianos is as important as learning about them, and I’ve done this since 2001. I cut my teeth at the Pianos New and Used shop, and I continue to enjoy working on everything from beginner pianos in homes to concert Steinways and Bösendorfers in concert venues.


Hundreds of pianos each year in homes and concert venues receive my diligent care through tuning, regulation, repair, keybalancing, and humidifier service.

My fondest relationships have been with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Pianos New and Used, PPCC, and UCCS. Many other schools, churches, and piano teachers also provide me with steady, rewarding opportunities.

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