Customer Relations

Customer Relations


I approach every piano with the highest respect, imagining that the president of the Piano Technicians Guild would approve of my work if he walked in the door and inspected it.

My goal is to make you happy with my work, and I love this part of the business.

I don’t want to just rush in and out of the door. I want you to understand your piano—what its strengths are and where it might need some help—and why I’m doing what I’m doing to it. I welcome questions and comments.


I have placed some comments below. Others can be found on Angie’s List if you’re a member, or just type ‘Piano Tunings By Dave’ (with spaces) into your browser.

“I am writing in order to praise the work of David Huggins. He has been in charge of my piano here at home, and I am delighted with the results.” Lawrence Leighton Smith, former conductor Colo. Spgs. Philharmonic

“His regular tunings of the piano are superb. His meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of his relationship with the piano is unprecedented in my experience. It is manifestly apparent that to him, the piano is not just a product to be serviced. It is a living entity that is handled lovingly and with extreme attention to every nuance.” Local amateur pianist

“It was like driving a Pinto and then stepping into a Jaguar. My playing potential opened up 1000%. You owe it to yourself to try out this [keybalancing] system. It will truly blow your mind.” Yamaha owner

“David performed extensive modifications to the touchweight [keybalancing] of the piano, and the results were thrilling. The piano is now superb; my playing improved immensely.” Schimmel owner

“The results were amazing and I am now able to play for extended periods with relative ease. I heartily endorse this [keybalancing] service!!!” Piano teacher

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