Key Balancing (Touchweight)

Key Balancing (Touchweight)

This is my favorite part of piano work.

Key balancing, or touchweight, is a relatively new science that allows a technician to adjust each key on any modern acoustic piano so that it will play with about 50(+/-3) grams of pressure. Very few pianos leave the factory this way.

• Heavy keys cause your hands/fingers to tire.
• Uneven keys are hard to play softly, because you never know how hard each one needs to be pressed.
• Light keys come back up too slowly, making fast repetition difficult.

Addressing these problems works wonders. Pianos feel and sound better, and they’re easier to play. (Which means that you automatically become a better player!)

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Keybalancing testimonials:

“It was like driving a Pinto and then stepping into a Jaguar. My playing potential opened up 1000%. You owe it to yourself to try out this [keybalancing] system. It will truly blow your mind.” —Yamaha owner

“David performed extensive modifications to the touchweight [keybalancing] of the piano, and the results were thrilling. The piano is now superb; my playing improved immensely.” —Schimmel owner

“The results were amazing and I am now able to play for extended periods with relative ease. I heartily endorse this [keybalancing] service!!!” —Piano teacher

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