Tuning Rates

Professional ($95)
This A-440 tuning will pass the Piano Technician Guild’s rigorous standards for a Registered Piano Technician. Recommended for anyone with at least intermediate playing skills.

Economy ($70)
This tuning is designed for those who 1) are beginning players, 2) don’t have the most discerning ears, or 3) want to keep the tuning cost to a minimum.

Pitch Raise ($20-45)
Whether or not a piano is played, piano strings tend to unwind over time, leaving the pitch below the desired A-440. To correct this, low-pitch pianos may require one or more pitch raises to carefully tighten the strings up to their original tension.

Shoring Up ($10-25)
If your piano is not quite in need of a full tuning, but it’s got some spots that don’t sound quite right, I can fix the worst offenders to get you through until it’s time to tune.

Of course, the piano’s location and condition, as well as other factors, may affect pricing.

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